• FAQ's

    What kind of Motorhomes and Campervans are you interested in?

    We are always interested in purchasing all makes and models of motorhomes. However, we don't normally purchase home converted campervans or American RVs.


    Are there any charges to sell my motorhome?

    It won't cost you anything to sell your motorhome through us. We will offer you the highest market value possible for your motorhome depending on age, condition, and mileage.


    How do you value my motorhome or campervan?

    We use a combination of many years of experience of buying and selling motorhomes and campervans, the industry standard Glass's valuation guide and our current stock requirements to provide an accurate valuation. Please remember to include any extras on the enqury form you feel may increase the value of your motorhome. 


    How quickly can you purchase my motorhome?

    If you are ready to sell your motorhome we could collect it within 24 hours, 7 days a week.


    How will I be paid for my motorhome?

    We use instant bank transfer to make payment directly into your bank account. We will need your account number and sort code to do this. Payment will then be made upon collection and will show immediately in your account.


    What happens if I have outstanding finance?

    Outstanding finance can be easily settled as part of the transaction. After a settlement fiqure is obtained, we will clear the amount upon collection of your motorhome then pay you any balance. If you owe more on your finance than we have agreed to pay for your motorhome, you will need to either pay us the excess amount or clear the finance yourself prior to us collecting your motorhome.


    Do you buy motorhomes without the V5C Registration Document (Logbook)?

    In certain cases we will buy motorhomes that do not have the V5 registration document subject to other relevant checks and each purchase would be looked at individually.

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